Ahok Against All Odds

Jakarta's new deputy governor has recently made more smiling faces amongst his citizens. As a matter of fact, the joy has been widening to the whole nation.

There are two videos uploaded to Youtube which show the meeting between mr. Basuki (also known as Ahok) with his subordinary officials from transportation and public works agencies. The recorded meetings clearly how Ahok strictly ordered his subordinates to cut off their budgets up to 25 percents.

He surely knows how corrupt the officials are, how they're used to misuse their authority to gain personal advantages. And now their new leader is "unfortunately" disagree with such fraud.

"Never be on the (outsorced) consultants' side. Be on your office's side!" Said Ahok with an assertive tone. It's been widely known that corrupt officials are collaborating with naughty consultants to rob the budget.

Ahok is surely against all odds.

As one of his voters, I'm very glad to know that I did vote for the right candidates. Both Jokowi (the governor) and Basuki, I believe, are the best leaders Jakarta has ever had. We even never found such leaders in the country!

I wish their leadership pattern would affect the rest of the leaders in Indonesia. We ought to pray that God would send us more serving leaders like them, who always put in mind that they're serving the people, and because of that, there's never a chance for them to gain personal advantages.

Meanwhile, let's support Jokowi dan Basuki to bring us "Jakarta Baru". The new Jakarta.

And perhaps, as most of us wish so, Indonesia Baru. :)

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